Podcast Season 2 Episode 7

April 27, 2022

Solsiree del Moral: Race, Class, Education, and Youth in Puerto Rico

In this episode of Dialogues in Afrolatinidad, our host, Dr. Michele Reid-Vazquez, chats with Dr. Solsiree del Moral, Professor of American Studies and Black Studies at Amherst College. Dr. Del Moral addresses her work on the intersection of education, race, class, and children’s history in Puerto Rico. Additional topics include transnational blackness, mestizaje, and U.S. imperialism in Puerto Rico,

Dr. Solsiree del Moral



Episode Resources



Del Moral, Solsiree. “Modern Family, Modern Colonial Childhoods: Representations of Childhood and the U.S. Military in Colonial School Literature.” In Literary Cultures and Twentieth-Century Childhoods, Rachel Conrad and L. Brown Kennedy, eds., Palgrave, 2020, 113-128.

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Del Moral, Solsiree. “Colonial Lessons: The Politics of Education in Puerto Rico, 1898-1930.” The American Historian (May 2018): 40-44.

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