Podcast Episode 1

Episode 1 – May 17, 2021
Kia Lilly Caldwell
: Brazil, Black Women, Gender Equity and Education

In the first episode of Dialogues in Afrolatinidad our host, Dr. Michele Reid-Vazquez, chats with Dr. Kia Lilly Caldwell, a social-cultural Anthropologist and professor of African American and African Diaspora studies at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill who speaks on her work creating scholarship to bring awareness to marginalized communities. Topics focused around the African Diaspora, the experiences of the Black Population in Brazil, and producing scholarship on teaching about the African Diaspora that can be used in classroom settings are touched upon in this episode.

Dr. Kia Lilly Caldwell – Website and Social Media

Episode Resources:


Kia Caldwell, Health Equity in Brazil:  Intersections of Gender, Race, and Policy (2017)

Kia Caldwell, Negras in Brazil: Re-envisioning Black Women, Citizenship, and the Politics of Identity (2007)

Kia Caldwell and Emily Susanna Chávez, co-editors, Engaging the African Diaspora in K-12 Education (2020)

Kia Caldwell, Renya K. Ramirez, Kathleen Coll, Tracy Fisher, Lok Siu, co-editors, Gendered Citizenships: Transnational Perspectives on Knowledge Production, Political Activism, and Culture (2009)


Kia Caldwell , Wendi Muse, Tianna S. Paschel, Keisha-Khan Y. Perry, Christen A. Smith, and Erica L. Williams,  “On the Imperative of Transnational Solidarities: A U.S. Black Feminist Statement on the Assassination of Marielle Franco,” The Black Scholar, March 23, 2018.

Kia Lilly Caldwell (2016) .“Black Feminism and HIV/AIDS in Brazil: Intersections and Ruptures,” Special Issue on Afro-descendant Feminisms in the Americas, Meridians, 14(1): 121-147.

Documentary Film

I, A Black Woman, Resist , Director Dr. Sharelle Barber, Amber Delgado (2019)


African Diaspora Fellows Program, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Geledés –Instituto da Mulher Negra (Black Women’s Institute), Sao Paolo, Brazil

Criola, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Articulação de Mulheres Negras Brasileiras (Articulation of Black Brazilian Women Network), Brazil

Odara Instituto da Mulher Negra (Odara Institute of Black Women), Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Red Afrolatinoamericana, Afrocaribeña y de la Diáspora (Network of Afro-Latin American and  Afro-Caribbean and women of the Diasporas)

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