Podcast Episode 7

Episode 7 – June 28, 2021

Zachary Morgan: Exploring Race, Freedom, and Citizenship in Brazil

This week on Dialogues in Afrolatinidad Dr. Michele Reid-Vazquez chats with Dr. Zach Morgan, an Associate Professor of History and African American Studies at Penn State University. He is passionate about issues of race, freedom, and citizenship as applied to Afro-Brazilians and other Afro-Latin Americans. He also draws attention to the differences between abolition in the US and across Latin America, and elaborates on two activist movements that connect his research on 19th century Brazil to modern Afro-Latin American communities in the region.

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Episode Resources


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Documentary Film

Exterminate all the Brutes, Raoul Peck, Director, 2021.

Movements/Organizations – Landlessness, Education, Affirmative Action, Policing

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