Podcast Episode 4

Episode 4 – June 7, 2021 

Luana Reis: A Passion for Portuguese, Poetry, and Afro-Brazilian Studies 

Luana Reis, born and raised in Bahia, Brazil, is a poet, educator, and scholar. In this episode, she shares her poetry and discusses the importance of Portuguese in the African diaspora. As founder and president of the ADDverse+Poetry Collective, she brings writers and audiences together across the hemisphere, using the power of poetry as a vehicle for engaging a range of issues – particularly race and gender, freedom and refuge, and language and identity.

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Episode Resources:


ADDverse+Poesia – This organization features transnational dialogue to highlight the importance of conversation, solidarity and the inclusion of underrepresented writers in order to develop collaborative artistic, cultural and intellectual projects.

Kilomba Collective – The first collective of Black Brazilian women in the United States.

Publications by Luana Reis

Book prefaces

Poetry anthology called Por Todos los Silencios v. 4, published by La Red Global de Lectura y Escritura para el Acercamiento de las Culturas-POEPAZ located in Buenaventura, Colombia, 2021.

Introduction to the literary anthology Urdimbres: Mujeres del Pacífico Narran su Territorio published by the Colombian Ministry of Culture, 2020.

Short stories collection Águas d’ilê organized by Afro Brazilian writer Cristiane Sobral, 2021.

Short stories collection Reboco by Afro Brazilian writer Karine Bassi, 2020.

Preface to the poetry collection Free Yourself Mother Africa by the Mozambican writer Ernesto Moamba. Published by Underline Publishing, 2021.


Poem “O que mais há” in the book Carolinas anthology celebrating the life of Carolina Maria de Jesus. Published by Bazar do tempo and the Festa Literária das Periferias (FLUP), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2021. 


“Teaching Portuguese as a foreign / non-native language through a pluricentric and intercultural point of view” JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF LESS COMMONLY TAUGHT LANGUAGES (2017-06-01).

“Princípios teórico-metodológicos para elaboração de material didático de PLE e a necessidade de inclusão sistemática dessa discussão nos currículos de formação de professores,” Revista A Cor das Letras, Vol. 18, no. 3 (2017).

“Políticas linguísticas para a promoção do português:considerações sobre o Portal do Professor de PortuguêsLíngua Estrangeira/Língua Não Materna (PPPLE),” Platô vol. 4, n.º 7 (2018): 42-63.

Book Chapters

2018 Empoderamento feminino no contexto de sala de aula de PLE. In: Eugênia Fernandes, Edvan Brito & Célia Cordeiro (Org.). Estratégias e materiais para o ensino de Português como Língua Estrangeira. 1ed. Roosevelt, NJ: Boavista Press, v. Único, p. 132-142.

2016 Implicações do conceito de língua pluricêntrica para a promoção do português e para o processo de ensino-aprendizagem de PLE-PL2. In: Luis Gonçalves. (Org.). O Ensino de Português como Língua Estrangeira: Reflexões sobre a prática pedagógica. 1ed.Roosevelt, NJ: Boavista Press, v. Único, p. 15-28.

2014 Portal do Professor de Português Língua Estrangeira/ Língua Não Materna: abordagem intercultural e sistema internacional de gestão da língua portuguesa. In: Luis Gonçalves. (Org.). Atas do III Encontro Mundial sobre o Ensino de Português. 1ed.: Boavista Press, p. 57-70.

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Music S1-Episode 4: “Seven Chimes” by Pierce Murphy, May 20, 2021, modified, Freemusicarchive.org.

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